The South East Prospect of Whitby Abbey - Print - 1773

What Else to See

If you are planning a visit, there’s lots to see in Whitby and nearby in Captain Cook Country. There is still more in York and North Yorkshire within easy driving distance.

Cook lived in the north east of the county until he joined the Navy. It is a region of coast and moorland stretching 30 miles from modern Middlesbrough to Whitby. Because of its many associations, it is identified for visitors as ‘Captain Cook Country’. An area of great beauty, of high cliffs, inlets and open moorland, it is well worth a tour.

These sites mark the stages of Cook’s early life, before he came to Whitby:
Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, Marton, Middlesbrough 30 miles from Whitby. A modern building close to the site of the cottage where Cook was born. Complementary to us.

Schoolroom Museum, Great Ayton, a picturesque small town, 25 miles from Whitby. In a house of the period. Reconstructs the village school Cook attended. He spent his boyhood at Aireyholme Farm on the slopes of Rosebery Topping, the strange conical hill above the town.
The cottage that was built later by Cook’s father is now in Melbourne, Australia.

Captain Cook Heritage Centre, Staithes, 10 miles from Whitby, picturesque fishing village. The shop where Cook worked was washed away long ago. The Heritage Centre is an Aladdin’s cave. of nauticalia.

Among the many places to see in Whitby are:
Whitby Abbey, the ruined medieval abbey high above the town.
St. Mary’s Church, a gem of a parish church beside the Abbey. The famous 199 steps lead to it.

The Whitby Museum A museum of a museum. Fascinating collections covering everything from fossils, natural history, jet, shipping and social history, to costume.

Pannett Art Gallery In the same building as Whitby Museum. 19th and 20th century paintings, including dramatic seascapes by the Weatherills.

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