Courtyard Garden

Cook Museum Courtyard Garden

You enter from the courtyard overlooking the harbour, formerly a working yard for a master-mariner’s business, but now an attractive garden with 18th century type plants, changing through the seasons.

Our knowledgeable gardeners often include plants from the South Seas linked to our special exhibition, such as flax or manuka (leptospermum).

Travels with my plant!’  The Museum has a wonderful collection of over 700 botanical prints, the Banks Florilegium, based on drawings made by Sydney Parkinson, artist on Cook’s first voyage.

We want to take a fresh view on the history of plants by examining the species collected on that voyage, focussing on the ‘journey’ they have taken. Exploration, cross-continental trading, changes in status, development and breeding all enter the frame.

If you are interested in researching the story of how a plant has travelled through time and space, and would like to join our team of researchers, contact Miriam Shone, Collections Outreach Officer on

See 'Travels with my Plant'

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