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Cook Museum Whitby

Cook's ships

Above: Resolution in a stream of pack-ice by William Hodges

All Cook's ships were Whitby-built collier barks. These were sturdy and reliable, built to service the coal trade. They were capacious and an extra deck could be inserted into them in order to carry a far larger crew, together with stores for up to two years.

Another advantage was that collier barks were flat bottomed. They could therefore land on any flattish beach, rather than needing to tie up at a quay in a proper harbour. This was particularly useful when no-one knew what landing conditions would be like. Small boats were also carried for inshore work.

Other models in the Museum include a collier settled on the muddy river bank outside Captain Walker's house, just as Cook would have known it while working for Walker.

The Resolution model

The back of this detailed model shows the hull is cut away to reveal the holds. In front are models of the crew and the huge quantity of stores carried. Every member of the crew, and the extra civilian men of science, is named and arranged according to their job. Very popular with children! A wonderful way of arousing their curiosity!

The Resolution probably Cook's favourite ship. He wrote how well she sailed and used her again to command the Third Voyage.

First Voyage - Endeavour

Second Voyage - Resolution and Adventure

Third Voyage - Resolution and Discovery

Model of HMS Resolution

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