Captain Walker's doorhandle

The Blue Room curved door and stairs to Cook's Quarters!

The Apprentices quarters in the Attic as it may have been in Cook's time

Ornamental Fireplace

The recently discovered Old Kitchen with herringbone brick floor

Exploring the House

When you walk round this 17th century house, you will be walking in the footsteps of the young Cook.  The broad floorboards in the Blue Room are the original ones.  Look out for the door which is curved to fit the curve of the paneling.  This was a town full of skilled shipwrights and carpenters! 

Going up the stairs, the carved pilasters are skillfully positioned on half-landings to break the ascent.  The view over the harbour gets better and better the higher you get. Original paneling survives in the upper rooms.

Finally up to the attic, with its high beams, some re-used from old ships, and drink in the atmosphere. 


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