Plan Your Visit

Visiting museums helps to influence learning and open doors to the imagination.  Wherever we go, we are following in the footsteps of others who once lived in our cities, towns, villages and houses.  Follow in the footsteps of the young James Cook and discover a world of knowledge, enjoyment and inspiration!

Essential information

  • Risk assessment on request
  • Discovery Pack £9.00, purchase copies visiting-us/shop
  • KS 2-4
  • Plan on 2 hours
  • Dedicated education room: induction loop system and wheelchair access
  • Experienced education volunteers
  • 30 minute introductory session
  • Tour of the Museum
  • Handling session
  • Place to leave bags, toilet facilities
  • Wheelchair access to first floor; DVD guide to upper floors
  • We can advise on What else to see in Whitby and where to stay.

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