Cook Coins On Sale at Museum

In stock now!!

To mark the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s First Voyage to the Pacific 1768 – 1771, The Royal Mint has designed three beautiful £2 coins.

One of three beautiful £2 coins designed by The Royal Mint

The second coin, commemorating the Transit of Venus and charting of New Zealand, is now on sale.  There are still some of the first coins on sale, commemorating the departure of Endeavour from Plymouth. 

Both coins are available at the Captain Cook Museum in Grape Lane.

The coin for the third year of the Voyage will be issued in mid-2020.

Cook sailed from Plymouth on 26 August 1768. His orders were to observe the Transit of Venus from Tahiti, and then to sail south to search for the fabled Great Southern Continent. It wasn’t there!

However, he circumnavigated and charted New Zealand, and then explored the east coast of Australia, never visited before by any European. 

He returned with a mass of information about the peoples, animals and plants of the Pacific. He had placed its geography on a firm footing.

The coins were designed by Gary Breeze. There are three editions available: Brilliant Uncirculated, Silver Proof and Gold Proof. Brilliant £12 and Silver £67.50 are on sale at the Museum. Gold £845 may be ordered through the Museum.

Whether you are a collector or admirer of Cook, or buy as a gift, the coins will be a handsome reminder of your visit to Whitby, where James Cook spent 9 years learning his trade, and where all four of his ships were built.

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