• 1728
    Cook born 27th October at Marton-in-Cleveland - Second son of James Cook and Grace Pace
  • 1736
    Move to Airyholme Farm, Great Ayton; attends the village school
  • 1744
    Assistant to William Sanderson, shopkeeper in Staithes
  • 1746
    Apprenticed to John Walker, master-mariner, Whitby
  • 1747
    Muster Roll Act passed. All ships Cook served on are then recorded
  • 1752
    Promoted Mate on board Friendship
  • 1755
    Volunteers for Royal Navy and joins HMS Eagle
  • 1756-63
    The Seven Years War against the French. At the capture of Louisburg (1758) and Quebec (1759)
    Learns new surveying techniques
  • 1762
    Marries Elizabeth Batts at St. Margaret’s, Barking
  • 1763
    Appointed Surveyor of Newfoundland
  • 1768-71
    First Voyage: promoted Lieutenant to command of HM Bark Endeavour August, sails from Plymouth
  • 1769
    Observes Transit of Venus in Tahiti
  • 1769-70
    Completes circumnavigation and chart of New Zealand.
  • 1770
    Lands at Botany Bay, Australia. Charts the east coast of Australia; ship grounds on coral Endeavour Reef. Returns via Batavia (Jakarta) and Cape Town
  • 1771
    Visits family in Yorkshire, Dec 1771-Jan 1772. Visits Walker in Whitby
  • 1772-75
    Second Voyage: Resolution and Adventure
  • 1773
    Crosses Antarctic Circle for the first time in January. They cross the Circle again in December 1773 and January 1774
  • 1774
    Explores Easter Island, the Tongan Islands, and New Caledonia and the New Hebrides in Melanesia
  • 1775
    Promoted post-captain. Appointed to Greenwich Hospital, the charitable naval establishment for pensioners
  • 1776-80
    Third Voyage: Resolution and Discovery
  • 1777
    Lands in Tasmania, revisits New Zealand, Tahiti and Tonga
  • 1778
    First sighting of Hawai’ian islands on way to North West coast of America
  • 1778
    First probe through Bering Strait. Halted by ice, returns to winter in Hawai’i
  • 1779
    Leaves Kealakekua Bay (4th February), returns when Resolution damaged
  • 14th February Cook and 4 marines killed in an affray over a stolen cutter. Captain Clerke takes command
  • 1779
  • The ships land at Kamchatka, Siberia, for supplies and repairs
    Continue search for North West Passage
    Halted by ice. Clerke dies and is buried in Kamchatka
  • 1780
    Resolution and Discovery return home under Captain John Gore and Lieutenant James King after 4 years and 3 months away

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