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Cook Museum Whitby

2017 Exhibition - Kamchatka to Krakatoa! The Cook Voyages in Asia

Kamchatka to Krakatoa!  The Cook Voyages in Asia

We often think of Cook as just exploring Australias and the Pacific.  But the Cook ships visited Asia on two of the three great voyages.  On the first Voyage they stopped at Batavia (modern Jakarta), where many of the crew fell sick.  On the third Voyage they sailed the length of the east Asian coast from the Bering Strait to the tropical islands of Indonesia.

Here they met new peoples and saw very different societies to those either in Polynesia or in Europe.

What is more - the Museum has original voyage artwork from every place at which they stopped on the Asian coast. This is the first time the work on this area by voyage artist John Webber has been brought together. And what a fine artist he was!  And there are colourful costumes and fabrics, porcelain and spices, which evoke the different trades and societies of these regions. 



right - John Webber, A View in the Island of Krakatoa (detail)

above - Eckstein & Sadler, The Departure of Captains Gore and King [from Kamchatka], 1792

Kamchatka to Krakatoa! The Cook Voyages in Asia

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